What's Your Cap?

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What is TinnBin?

TinnBin is kind of like a caption contest, but so much better. Look down and we'll tell you about it.


Grab a photo from your phone. Tell people what you are trying to do. Pick a duration. That's a bin


While your bin is open, people can add and vote on tinns. Tinns are comments, plain and simple. You can see the latest, most popular and most recent. Vote on as many as you want (sorry ego-maniac, you can't vote for yourself)

Why TinnBin?

Grumpy cat and Nicolas Cage have done their due diligence in the meme scene, but we think it's time to move onto bigger, better, and funnier things.

It's a contest

When your bin closes, the tinn with the highest votes wins, and we show them off. The winner is proudly displayed with closed bins along with their winning tinn. Kind of like a meme.

It's social

Follow people who put up the best stuff, and keep an eye on bins you are participating in.

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Who can use TinnBin?

The question is, why aren't you? Stop going to sites with the same ol' same ol' memes that we've seen for years. The TinnBin community wants the best, and it's up to us to deliver.

Have fun

Have a funny picture? Create a bin! You'll laugh for hours seeing what people come up with.

Help your business

Let the TinnBin community come up with your new slogan. We promise, it will be awesome.


Need some help?

No Problem! If you can put it in a picture, you can put it on TinnBin.

Caption Contest

"Caption this photo!" Really?! Stop flooding Facebook with that phrase. Run a caption contest the right way. Hey, you could even give away a prize. We deserve it.